Monday, June 15, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Gaming Lagoon Now Pays Cash!!

Gaming Lagoon has always been a great GPT site. They have tons of free offers, a great and helpful forum and lots of great prizes. Gaming Lagoon has always had a great selection of prizes to chose from including gaming cards and accessories, prepaid cellphone cards, gift cards, gas cards, restaurant cards and the ability to custom order almost anything else from across the web. The one thing they didn't have though, was the ability to just give you the cash, but that is no longer the case. They now have a large selection of free cash offers you can do. They also have several payment options, including PayPal, check and prepaid Visa cards. Say you don't want the cash, they will allow you to convert the cash to points and order one of their great prizes instead.
Gaming Lagoon now truly has something for everyone. So click on the link and give Gaming Lagoon a try. You won't regret it.
Gaming Lagoon

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am giving away a free $5 Amazon giftcard. To enter you just need to sign-up for free at GamingLagoon from this site, confirm your email and log-in to your account once. You don't have to do any offers or anything else, but I encourage to give it a try because it is a great site. Once you sign-up and confirm your account, email me at with you gaminglagoon username. That's it! Winner will be selected randomly on June 1, 2009 and emailed the code. Open to US, UK and Canada residents only.

Click the banner to enter!

Gaming Lagoon

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am giving away a FREE XBOX LIVE 1 Month Code. Every Hour or so I will add one digit to the code. The first person to enter the code and activate it wins. Good luck. Code was obtained from GamingLagoon



CONGRATULATIONS to the winner. I will be doing this every so often so check back often. If you want a card sooner, get them free where I get them GamingLagoon

Gaming Lagoon

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Make Money by Getting Referrals

You can make good money by dong free offers on GPT sites. I have made about $800 in last few months from offers alone, but the longer you are on a site the less you can make by doing offers alone. When you first join a site there are hundreds of free offers worth a lot of money really quickly. After that the sites keep adding new offers every week, but obviously there are a lot less than when you first started. I would say realistically after the first month or two you can make hundreds of dollars from the offers, but after that it is more like $20-30 a month. If you want to keep making lots of money take advantage of the sites referral systems.

All sites have a referral system. For example, PrizeRebel gives you 20% of everything your referrals make. So if your referral makes $20, you get $4 for doing nothing. The more referrals you get the more you can make. The referral system is also great for non-US members of these sites, because you can still make a lot of money even though there are not a lot of offers for you.

By far the best referral system I have seen is on CashCrate. CashCrate increases your referral commission based on the number of referrals you bring in. They also pay you for second level referrals. What is a second level referral? Say Joe has an account with CashCrate and he refers he freind Bob to the site. Bob then refers his friend Tom. Bob is Joe's first level referral and Tom is his second level comission. Cashcrate pays you when both of them do offers. Here is the payouts for the different referral levels on CashCrate.

Referral RankActive ReferralsFirst Level CommissionSecond Level Commission

As you can see referrals offer a great way to significantly increase the amount of money you can make on these sites. I urger you all to click on one of the links or banners, join these sites and start making some easy money. One tip on referrals, the easiest way to get referrals is to make some money on one of these sites and then tell all your freinds about it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Offers Added!

In the last couple of days both PrizeRebel and CashCrate have added several new offers. These offers are easy and crediting quickly. Click on one of the links and make some easy money. If you need any help, look in the archives of this blog for tips or contact me for help.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tips on Completing Offers

The most common complaint about Freebie sites is offers not crediting. Here are some tips I have picked up using many of these sites.

1. Make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, you will not get credit.
2. Clear your cookies before doing an offer. You can do this manually or can download CCleaner free to do it for you.
3. Once your cookies are cleared, log into the site you are using and select an offer.
4. Use a fresh email account for each offer. What I do is set a new gmail account every so often and then use the dot feature of gmail. What does that mean? Well gmail doesn't read dots (.), so it thinks is the same as The advertisers systems though see them as separate accounts. I do this I add varying amounts of dots until I run out on permutaions, then I get a new account.
5. Enter your real address. I know a lot of people use fake information and say it works fine, which it probably does. The only problem is if you get caught, you will get banned.
6. Allow the pages to fully load.

Also, the way most offers works is the advertisers have a hidden tracking pixel somewhere in the offer. When you hit that page it should automatically register with them, they tell the site and you get credit The vast majority of offers the tracking pixel is right after you submit your address. For most offers, you can stop there and get credit. Usually it is only the higher point offers 1-1.5 points that require you to go to the end of the offer.

Most offers credit within an hour. If an offer does not credit after 24 hours it probably isn't going to. You can always try to redo it. Keep in mind, some offers just never seem to work so just ignore them.

I hope this helps. Here are two great sites to try this out on.

PrizeRebel This site is great for getting gaming stuff or any other prize you want to custom order
CashCrate This site is great because they just send you the money you make every month. - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!